our philosophy

It is my long term desire to communicate a vision about a way of eating, going way beyond food, starting from the moment a customer comes into the restaurant to the moment he or she leaves. It is difficult to touch people through food, but it is what we aim for every day, provoking some kind of emotion so when leaving the restaurant people take with them a part of the event remembering a particular element that they enjoyed.

We pride ourselves on the basic philosophy of provenance. To us this means authenticity, assurance and rigorous attention to obtain the finest quality ingredients at source. This dedication ensures that every time you visit us, you experience the true essence of Indian life. Its cuisine, its culture and importantly the passion of its people.

The philosophy is simple… to creating simple, yet fresh and inventive Indian food, using raw ingredients of the highest quality, that is fundamental to us today and to convey my passion for Indian cuisine in a way which gives you a perspective on our quest for perfect ingredients, technique, and a deep-seated desire to continue learning and evolving through old traditions and modern tastes.

There is a real thirst for home-style Indian cuisine outside of India; we know this because we have seen it and felt it. Our ethos demands that we not only satisfy this need, but that we work to ensure that this is done without compromising on the foundation of this cuisine, and the love of food, and feeding others.

My menu embodies a unique blend of ethnic and progressive dishes.

Our restaurant is renowned by some as the best Indian cuisine they have ever tasted, we recognize that the most important way that we can convey our love for what we do, is to have fun whilst doing it.

We will always experiment with our combination of traditional & balance.

There's no magic recipe, but we know what works…I hope that that you feel the same way.

Meena Anand