a la carte

entree - warm starters

Samosa Banarasi (2 pieces) $8.5
Cumin Seed flavoured home made pastry, stuffed with a mixture of lightly spiced potato and green pea curry.
Served with our renowned Tamarind Chutney

Murgh Tikka (3 pieces) $13.5
Boneless Chicken, immersed in our famous tandoori marination of spices then tandoori smoked.

Chowk Ki Tikka (4 pieces) $10
Spiced patties made from mashed potato, then pan fried,drizzled with yoghurt.

Lamb Seekh Kebab (4 pieces) $12.5
Succulent lean minced lamb, spiced with a touch of cream cheese, & smoked in the tandoor oven.

Onion Bhajis (handfull) $10.5
Slices of onions stired in spiced Channa flour the crisped to a golden brown.

Kesari Jheenga (5 pieces) $13.5
Saltwater prawn cutlets, marinated in hung yoghurt and saffron, with home pounded spices and lightly smoked in the tandoor, served with a mint chutney.

Chilli Prawns (5 pieces) $14.5
Created by our executive chef…something special
Tiger prawn cutlets, flamed in a wok together with Chili w. a twist of lime and roasted cumin.

tandoori delights

Vintage Half Tandoori Chicken $17.5
A dish that needs very little introduction.
The secret lies in the marination process. A tender spring chicken marinated in our traditional spice mix, yoghurt & smoked over charcoal.

Tandoori Salmon Tikka $14.5 entrée $25 Main
South Island Salmon fillet prepared with culinary sophistication of the East to preserve the fishes moist light fresh texture. A creamy seeded mustard marinade is just the beginning....

Mansoori Kebab $14.5 entrée $25 main
A must – NZ Lamb rack marinated in a spicy red masala & aromatics, skewered and grilled over charcoal.

Chicken Murgh Tikka $13.5 entrée $23 main
A dish from the Hindukush Mountains.
Tender morsels of boneless chicken, marinated In our famous red Tandoori masala then smoked in the Tandoor.

Kesari Jheenga $14.5 entrée $24 main
Saltwater prawn cutlets, marinated in hung yoghurt and saffron, with home pounded spices and lightly smoked in the tandoor, served with a mint chutney.

Machli Fish Tikka $14.5 entrée $24.5 main
Market sorted deep-sea fish wrapped in a green masala, herbs & spices then smoked to perfection.

Whole Snapper (~750gm) $25
Baby snapper, so fresh, as if it was caught on Wilson’s boat.
Marinated in a green masala, smoked over the tandoor oven.
- Limited availability to guarantee freshness.

seafood curries

Prawn Malabari Curry $24.5
Shelled prawn cutlets sautéed with onions, capsicum, coriander & fresh coconut cream.

Classic Fish Masala $25
A tangy spicy fish curry.

Shelled prawns flamed in cumin seeds and fresh garlic, then finished in a creamy mild puree of tomato curry.

Prawn Vindaloo $25
Prawn cutlet, lime, brown mustard seeds, garam masala. plenty of chilli, finished with white wine vinegar.

chicken curries

Butter Chicken $24
A must for beginner & a continuance for the diner who enjoys the finer balances of Indian cuisine.
Tender morsels of boneless chicken cooked in the tandoor then finished in a mild creamy tomato based gravy.

Chicken Murgh Korma $23.5
Also known as a dish prepared in saffron. A mild delicious creamy grounded cashew gravy.

Chicken Tikka Masala $24.5
A dish that dates back the times of the Moghal Emperors
Tender morsels of boneless chicken, smoked over charcoal, then finished in a classical rich tomato, onion sauce.

Chicken Do Makawana $25
Another Moghal creation introduced firstly into New Zealand by Meena, non creamy curry.
A dish created from shredded boneless tandoori chicken, lightly tossed in lots of onions and finished in a spicy fenugreek, coriander and tomato flavoured sauce.

Chicken Shajahani $25
An elegant mild dish of boneless chicken smoothed in a classical traditional rich creamy almond sauce.
Finished in coriander, sliced almonds and spices, with home made cottage cheese.
A very royal and special treat.

beef curries

Beef Vindaloo $24.5
A Goanese specialty.
Boneless slices of beef & potato (aloo)cooked in a fine hot and tangy masala base, with the finishing influence of the Portugese.

Beef Madras $24
A medium to hot curry.
This delicious tangy dish comes traditionally from South India. Prepared with coconut and a hint of red chilly

lamb curries

Kashmiri Lamb Rogonjosh $23.5
Boneless lamb curry marinated in garam masala, then added to green curry leaves and tomatoes.

Punjabi Saag Ghosht $25
A very famous Lamb Curry. Finished in a perfect harmony of pureed spinach lightly spiced with fenugreek.

Ghosht Do Piaza $25
Do (two) Piaza (onions) gets its name because onions appear twice in the cooking process.
Boneless lamb cooked w. roasted cumin, sliced onions & other dry spices such as cloves and brown cardamoms.

Lamb Korma $23.5
Also known as a dish prepared in saffron. A mild delicious creamy grounded cashew gravy.

Lamb Nawabi $24.5
Mild lamb curry, marinated first in natural yogurt then sautéed with sliced onions, tomatoes and fenugreek.
Finished in a lightly spiced coconut sauce

vegetarian curries

Navrattan Korma $20
Fresh seasonal vegetables zucchini, cooked in a mild creamy cashew gravy.

Saag Methi Aloo $20
Potato cooked in a lightly spiced fenugreek puree of fresh spinach.

Dhal Makhani $20
Black lentils stewed on a slow fire overnight.

Saag Dhangari $21
Button mushrooms cooked in a lightly spiced mild puree of fresh spinach.

Mattar Paneer $20
Spiced home made cottage cheese and pea curry.

Channa Masala $20
Chickpeas cooked in a lightly spiced tomato & onion gravy.

Aloo Mattar $18
Potato & peas cooked together in a subtle gravy.

Saag Malai Paneer w Mattar $21.5
Lightly spiced cottage cheese, finished in a mild puree of fresh spinach w. green peas.

Kadhai Paneer Masala $22.5
Home make cottage cheese cooked together with a medium spiced masala sauce.

Pilee Dhal Tadka $19
Yellow split peas, cooked into a dhal. Finished with mustard seeds and curry leaves.

Malai Kofta $21
Mashed potatoes and lightly spiced cottage cheese balls, lightly done until golden brown, in a coconut sauce.

bread selection

Naan Yeast free plain flour tandoori bread - Option with or without butter $4.5
Garlic Naan Finished with fresh garlic and corrinader $5
Whole meal Roti Whole meal bread, roasted over charcoal $4
Plain Paratha Flaky wholemeal roti bread $5.5
Keema Naan Filled with premium, lightly spiced minced lamb $6
Calcutta Cheese Naan Stuffed with premium NZ cheese, coriander & spices $6.5
Paneer Kulcha Filled with homemade cottage cheese $6
Pashwari Naan Sweet style bread, filled with Almonds, Coconut & Rasins $6