after dinner

dessert selection

Mango Kulfi $12
An all time favourite flavour that never fails to please. All the goodness of the juicy Kesar mangoes in a sinfully rich and creamy frozen dessert. Mango infused ice cream, with a hint of sliced almonds & saffron with a touch of pureed mango jus.

Cardamom Kulfi $12
An old favourite at Oh Calcutta
A creation which today remains as my childrens personal favourite. Cardamom infused ice cream with a slight hint of rose water and vanilla.
Served with a hint of Kahlua liqueur (maybe explains why the children love it).
A perfect end to a meal

Gulab Jamum $12
The most cherished of Indian deserts.
Soft and delicious dumplings, lightly fried until golden brown in colour, finished in a light sweet syrup made from cardamoms, rose water and vanilla pods...a modern twist to otherwise a classic traditional recipe.
Served warm with a side of vanilla ice cream.

Pistachio Cassata $12
The delights of chocolate, run n raisin and pistachio ice cream, layered on a light chocolate sponge base.

Kulfi Trio Tasting $12
Sample tasting of our renowned BANARASI MINT, which is digestive ice cream. All the goodness of ice-cream flavoured Paan.
Paan (betel leaves) giving a traditional taste of India while gulkand adds the sweet fragrance to this dessert, thus giving a pleasing taste to your tongue along with sweet aroma of rose and fennel seeds.
Served together with a sample of both the Mango and Cardamon Kulfi's to complete the sampling trio.

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