By supporting good causes we hope to enhance our reputation.

Supporting local initiatives builds our relationships within the local community.

Supporting local children helps build our future.

In 2009 we are delighted to continued our sponsorship for the Auckland Indian Sports Club.
Over 180 schoolchildren, every Saturday morning, take to school fields, playing grounds, all over the Auckland area, these children aged 5 to 13 years old participated in the winter sport of Hockey.
We believe the sport allows children to develop qualities of concentration, forward planning, being a member of a team and most important the flexibility of a sport while enjoying themselves.
This involvement, like the previous year has been a fantastic opportunity for Oh Calcutta’s profile within the local Indian community.

We extended our support. Oh Calcutta sponsored funds, but more importantly time to a local Auckland primary school, based in Mt Eden, Ficino School.
In 2006 our company director, Anand helped to facilitate school hockey.
In 2007 - 2009, Anand took on the role as a volunteer coach to help drive hockey within the school and the year, was without a doubt the most successful playing season for the school within the sport.
The sponsorship provided was a branding exercise for Oh Calcutta to help build the profile and help expose Ficino not just a high academic school, but also strong in Saturday morning sports.
This sponsorship has provided Oh Calcutta with an opportunity to build relationships with some nearly 500 children, parents, grandparents and extended supporters to help ensure the growth of this amazing primary school and community sports club.