wine / drinks

"Oh Calcutta's excellent selection of spice-friendly wine is sensibly laid out stylistically within each region".

The red selection is particularly strong & prices are sensible, so there’s masses to choose from, whatever your budget.

The Winter 2015 listed selection's carry just over 50 different varieties in-which 27 are offered as glass pours.
With 50 Varieties showcased, 20 bottles are price $50 or below for your pleasure.

We stock the world renowned Billercart-Salmon from France, have a strong representation of New Zealand Marlborough featured Sauvignon Blanc's.
Seven New Zealand Chardonnays, including the Man O' War "Valhalla" and Cognoscenti from Gisborne.
Aromatics from all regions of the country and including an excellent Rene Mure Gewürztraminer from Alsace at excellent value being $10 a glass, $48 a bottle.
We stock some fantastic, well priced Central Otago Pinot Noir's, including the Akarua "Rua" at only $10 a glass.
Great drinking Shiraz's from Barossa, starting at $9.5 a glass, Malbec's from Argentina and 4 different styles for different regions makes up of red selection. inc

Our 2015 beers selection includes, Heineken, NZ Indian Pale Ales starting from $9.00.
We have Kingfisher available, both the Premium 330ml and 650ml Extra Strong strength.
All beers served are bottle pours.

We offer a "Very" special blend of Scottish Whiskeys.
The limited selection consists of 10. Pricing is extremely good value, based on $1.00 per year. A 10 year old = $10.00, a 12 year old =$12.00 per serve